“The surreal storytelling is evocative of Philip K. Dick, and readers will keep turning the pages, wondering when this utopia will melt down.”

“Transcendence-seekers will sink blissfully into this fable of how technological liberation from the flesh might lead to mass enlightenment.”
—BookLife Reviews

“Grusky’s story goes beyond the usual imagining of virtual society by asking what the uploaded have lost and how conflict will emerge in the virtual.”
—Amazing Stories

“A bright, excellently thought out, page-turning tale. Humanity’s never ending struggle towards balance is explored with a contemporary computer-age twist in Scott T. Grusky’s fine science fiction novel, Zero Percenters.”

“Readers of sci-fi won’t be the only audience to appreciate this vivid, personal story of a woman placed in impossible situations. Fans of thriller and high-tech novels of terrorism and survival will also be enthralled by a story packed with satisfying twists, exceptionally strong characterization, and high-tech intrigue that keeps the story logical, fast-paced, yet firmly rooted in emotional elements.”
—Midwest Book Review

“This book was wonderfully written… an excellent read for fans of realistic science fiction.”
—Manhattan Book Review

Zero Percenters is philosophical science fiction—a novel take on what it means to be human.”
—Foreward Clarion Reviews

“This is a book for today’s society… Grusky has given the world much to think about in terms of the future and what to possibly expect.”
—San Francisco Book Review